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Zadara, Pay-Per-Use Cloud Service Now In The Philippines

Zadara, a cloud service provider, to expand its services and offerings in the Philippines has joined hands with Sandz solutions.

Zadara, Pay-Per-Use Cloud Service Now In The Philippines

Zadara, with its headquarter in California, handles hundreds of global private and public data centres. They mainly focus on modern businesses and provide comprehensive services for cloud-based requirements such as storage, networking, and computing. 

According to Dani Noir, Senior VP, the Philippines is an important demographic for the company. They’ve had a long partnership with Sandz solutions in Philippines. To meet the growing needs of the local crowd, they are combining their expertise. While Zadara provides technological support, Sandz solutions give hybrid solutions to users. 

Zadara through their cloud platform aims to demystify the complex process of end to end automation of data storage, and resources on the network on the premise with the help of colocation and cloud providers  Their unique pay only for what you use model along with turnkey software and hardware helps business to transform to a simple process without needing to health the functionalities and features of the original system by IT wings of companies. 

Datacenter optimisation is the core competency of Sandz solutions and supports the ever-growing and changing needs of enterprises. They are currently offering their services to large companies and SMEs across industries like retail, manufacturing, financial institutions, and government agencies. 

In the future, Sandz’s solution is aiming to expand its business by changing to all the different updates in the market. Some of their highlighting features include 24×7 customer support, no-risk demand services on the cloud, and hassle-free monitoring. 

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