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Wikipedia Founder’s NFT And His Original Strawberry iMac Auctioned At $1 Million

The final value for the sale of the original strawberry iMac was $187,500, and the NFT sold for $750,000.

Strawberry Imac

NFTs are becoming the new darling of the Cryptocurrency world and investors are heavily into the market. A slew of brands that never dealt in the Crypto marketplace is also entering it through the Non Fungible Token format. The final value for the sale of the original strawberry iMac was $187,500, and the NFT sold for $750,000.

The big news of Wikipedia founder’s original iMac and NFT auction was reported last Wednesday. This is the iMac that Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, used to edit the very first article on the platform along with writing the codes for it. The NFT represents the first words he posted on the platform, ‘Hello world’. The auction was done by Christie’s, and finally sold both the items together for nearly a million dollars!

The buyer will receive the NFT in JPEG format; it can be edited and also reset to its original state with the help of a timer function. Such high-value NFTs are indeed becoming a part of the investor market. Two other high-value NFT sales in recent times include the original world wide web source code NFT for $5.4 million and a digital work by the American artist Beeple for $69.3 million.

Clearly, NFTs are here to stay and their value will only rise with time. Jimmy Wales states that part of the proceeds from the sale of the iMac and the NFT will be used to fund his new social media project, which he terms as a ‘non-toxic alternative’.

If you are an investor you should definitely keep your eyes out for such high-value NFTs as the prices are expected to skyrocket quite soon. For now, the buyer of the original Wikipedia iMac and NFT is truly the owner of something memorable!

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