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TikTok Is Testing Paid Subscription Model To Offer Value To The Community

TikTok will allow artists to take money from fans from outside TikTok LIVE streams, where gifting is currently permitted.


TikTok confirmed that it is testing a paid subscription service. According to The Information, the famed short-form video app is considering allowing producers to collect subscription fees for their material. For the time being, the function is part of a restricted test and is not widely available. TikTok refused to elaborate or provide any information on the feature.

When contacted for comment, a TikTok spokesman said in an email that they’re always exploring new ways to offer value to the community and enhance the TikTok experience.

It’s uncertain how the app’s paid membership model will be implemented. TikTok’s popular algorithmic “For You” tab, for example, promotes videos from producers whom consumers do not follow.

If a creator chooses to charge a membership fee for their material, their videos are unlikely to show on viewers’ For You pages. However, it’s probable that the subscription will only apply to additional material available to premium consumers, rather than the full account of a creator.

The test comes only one day after Instagram began subscriptions in the United States. The function is now in early testing with a select number of producers who can provide paid access to their followers for exclusive Instagram Live broadcasts and Stories. Creators can charge whatever they want for access to their exclusive material. Paid subscribers will be distinguished from unpaid users in the sea by a distinctive badge.

TikTok’s paid subscriptions test comes on the heels of the company’s recent announcement that it is testing an in-app tipping tool on its platform, which will allow artists to take money from fans from outside TikTok LIVE streams, where gifting is currently permitted. Creators who want to be a part of the restricted test can apply if they have a minimum of 100,000 followers and are in good standing. Those that are accepted receive a Tips button on their accounts,  which their fans may utilise to send them direct contributions.

The current test is the company’s latest effort toward commercialisation and assisting creators in earning a living through its platform.

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