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Singapore Startup Launched ‘Udemy Of Blockchain Gaming And Finance’

The desire to make the market where users play to earn cash more structured made Sim conceptualise the Salad Academy.


Salad Ventures, located in Singapore, has announced Salad Academy, (MOOC) Massive Open Online Course platform focused on blockchain gaming like Axie Infinity where users play to earn.

Salad Ventures (yep, it is titled after the food) was founded earlier this year and also manages Apollo Squad, a league where users can play to earn, and Guild Operating System, software meant to assist clubs to govern and administer their players.

Seed investment of 2 million dollars was recently received by the business from investment firms such as Kosmos Ventures and Multicoin Capital. Among the angel investors that took part in the round were Jack Herrick, Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, and Santiago R Santos.

Salad Ventures was founded by Singaporean businessman Felix Sim and experienced event presenter and broadcaster Wesley Mathews.

The desire to make the market where users play to earn cash more structured made Sim conceptualise the Salad Academy, which he describes as “the Udemy version of Gaming & decentralised Finance. This is a blend of blockchain gaming with decentralised finance, which refers to where users play to earn in general.

The emergence of games where users play to earn such as Axie Infinity has resulted in the rise of “scholars,” or gamers who wish to earn cash from blockchain games but lack the necessary cash to get started.

Axie accreditation is available in two levels: Arena Mastery and Basic Axie. The program contents include videos and slideshows, and fulfillment of an online examination with a grade of more than 80 percent is required for continuation and final accreditation. The institution will soon provide its alumni with a free non-fungible token -minting of credentials.

Salad Academy, as per Sim, has the potential to be a launchpad for new games based on Blockchain, and developers may contribute material to the network.

All blockchain gaming courses will remain free. Apollo Squad, the start-up’s principal business, is on target to have 1,000 scholars by the year-end.

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