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NTU And CSA Singapore Launched A Collaborative Cybersecurity Assessment Centre

NTU and CSA Singapore first of its kind collaborative centre in Southeast Asia provides cybersecurity review and certification.

NTU And CSA Singapore Launched A Collaborative Cybersecurity Assessment Centre

NTU Singapore and the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) established NiCE to meet Singapore’s cybersecurity evaluation needs. Today, NTU Singapore and the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) established the National Integrated Centre for Evaluation (NiCE) to meet Singapore’s cybersecurity evaluation needs.

First of its kind in Southeast Asia, the collaborative centre provides cybersecurity review and certification. NiCE combines industrial and research skills to develop a sustainable academia-industry-government ecosystem for product evaluation and certification. The centre aims to strengthen local product evaluation skills, maximise economic potential, and boost Singapore’s cybersecurity reputation.

The relationship combines NTU’s software and hardware security expertise with CSA’s commitment to boosting the nation’s cybersecurity market by promoting business and academic cooperation to produce international products and services and a strong talent pipeline.

Josephine Teo, Minister for Communications and Information and Minister-in-Charge of Smart Nation and Cybersecurity opened NiCE today at NTU Smart Campus.

Professor Ling San, NTU’s Deputy President and Provost, said institutes, organisations, and agencies must stay ahead of cyber threats. First, they must correctly measure hardware to ensure security wasn’t an afterthought. The collaboration between NTU and CSA to build NiCE uses the University’s computer science and engineering research and industrial and academic cybersecurity expertise. The centre will train graduate students and industry specialists, helping NTU establish a talent pool in this fast-growing field. This engagement shows NTU’s commitment to industrial partners.

Mr. David Koh, CSA’s Cybersecurity Commissioner, and CEO said that new technologies must be built and secured as they move toward a digital future. This engagement with NTU demonstrates CSA’s commitment to working with universities and industry to develop a cybersecurity talent pipeline and a national cybersecurity ecosystem that will bring commercial opportunities and jobs.

NiCE helps the national effort for greater security evaluation by providing a single platform for testing and certifying items. The $19.5 million centres will foster a community of practice, create a research ecosystem, and expand education and training.

NiCE will supply evaluators and developers with improved equipment for high-assurance evaluation to create a community of practice. The facility will also preserve a pool of research and technical personnel who can operate the equipment and teach others. This will assist Singapore in creating a product evaluation and certification ecosystem.

NiCE’s facilities for software and hardware vulnerability evaluation, physical hardware attacks, and countermeasures will help TIC grow. NiCE will stimulate research and development in advanced security assessment methodologies to strengthen the industry ecosystem for cybersecurity testing and evaluation.

TIC firms specialising in cybersecurity testing and certification can help CSA and NiCE provide quality services to end-users. As the need for cybersecurity evaluations in the US grows, so will the need for trained evaluators.

NiCE will provide students and professionals with security evaluation skills, certification knowledge, and evaluation methodology to meet this demand.

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