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NTT Introduces IoT Services Focused On Sustainability

NTT has revealed plans to leverage a services-led IoT solution to support businesses in making progress toward sustainability.

NTT Introduces IoT Services Focused On Sustainability

The Global Sustainability Initiative (GSI) aims to support businesses in achieving progress on sustainability initiatives. For the first time, NTT has revealed plans to leverage a services-led Internet of Things (IoT) solution to support businesses in making progress toward sustainability targets and reducing their environmental footprint.

To aid clients in making data-driven decisions, the solution, named IoT Services for Sustainability, is designed to leverage IoT connectivity in ways that are consistent with corporate sustainability goals. With the new solution stack, which combines IT and operational technology integration with comprehensive support, the company hopes to lower energy costs, cut emissions more quickly, and increase operational excellence.

NTT’s new LoRaWAN network completes the package and the global system integrator’s (GSI) inventory of sensors that “measure, monitor, and collect data” to meet sustainability requirements. Global climate change activist Jeff Merritt, the World Economic Forum’s head of Urban Transformation technologies, has indicated that Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are a key tool in the global fight against climate change. He went on to say that they are aware of the activities that are required to build a more sustainable future and that we have a powerful set of tools at our disposal to assist us in achieving our objectives.

In an era where the world is moving to accelerate the implementation of innovative technologies, organisations like NTT will play an important role in supporting corporations and governments in capitalising on this potential. Devin Yaung, a wireless industry expert, has been appointed senior vice president of Group Enterprise IoT Products and Services. Vicky Bullivant has been appointed senior vice president of Group Sustainability, both positions designed to assist NTT in expanding its IoT and sustainability projects.

As Yaung points out, nearly two-thirds of CEOs (61.4 percent) are already integrating their companies’ goals with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Organisation. Specifically, Yaung stated that just two out of every five enterprises have the answers necessary to meet the organisation’s immediate objectives. Therefore, prioritising and delivering sustainability solutions for our enterprise customers is more crucial now than ever before.

Whether it is reducing waste due to manufacturing errors or determining the carbon footprint of their supply chain, our new stack of solutions will assist firms in achieving their sustainability objectives while also improving operations across their whole organisation. According to Yaung, the Internet of Things (IoT) will “empower firms” to make real-time decisions, streamlining operations and overhauling the complete sustainability of their organisation’s overall sustainability.

According to Yaung, the company is thrilled to be providing this solution at such a critical moment, and they are looking forward to working with their clients to create a more sustainable future.

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