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New Medical Venture From Sony Turns Rehab At Home Into A Gamified Experience

The groundbreaking service utilises motion & posture analysis technologies used by Sony in robots & blends them with the experience of over 100,000 rehab cases.

New Medical Venture From Sony Turns Rehab At Home Into A Gamified Experience

The Sony Group, along with its affiliate M3, have unified their gaming and medical knowledge to launch a mobile app and a wearable device that will help patients self-manage their rehabilitation at home.

The service, called SapplyM, is a 51-49 joint venture that was launched on Tuesday. The service will help to get patients back on their feet and regain mobility after going through a stroke. The app, available on smartphones, will allow the user to train at a comfortable pace. It has a regimen of exercises that support the immediate needs of patients. AI will be used to measure their improvement over some time.

This groundbreaking service utilises motion and posture analysis technologies that are used by Sony in their robots and blends it with the experience of over 100,000 rehab cases handled by M3 auxiliary Y’s.

There are buns in the oven for SapplyM to give remote training with the help of physical therapists. Plans are on for paid service in addition to the current free version of the app. Other things on the workbench are cardiac rehab at home that uses wearable devices. Another service plans to assist and encourage people of advanced age to walk more to avoid infirmity.

In the past, the Sony Group had a rule of avoiding products that would harm people’s lives and health. However, it has shifted its stance over the last several years, as can be seen with this recent collaboration. 

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1 Comment

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