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Jeans For The Real Cleopatra Makes A Big Push For Sustainability

Using Cleopatra as an ‘influencer’ worked out to be a perfect idea for the team. User were challenged to see the real Cleopatra as a fantasy model! 

An alliance by Hong Kong’s Wunderman Thompson and its Amsterdam station has come up with quite unforeseen sustainability initiatives this year. The agency group has crafted denim jeans using data and tech. This was done to endorse the notion that clothes, especially jeans, can possibly be customized to fit each form of the body. In order to pacify the consumers about their tech-and data-crafted clothing and related doubts, the agency has challenged its users to see Cleopatra as a model. The real Cleopatra was used as a fantasy model! 

A tech firm, TG3D from Taiwan, is involved with this project. The company’s 3D technology can scan body shapes to provide customized designs at a higher definition. As per historical information, there are contemporary Coptic Egyptian ladies who look quite similar to the ancient ruler Cleopatra. The team went there and measured hundreds of such women. After procuring the approximate body measurements of Cleopatra from the body measurements of these women, the team came up with a perfect fit of jeans for her. 

This project was carried out after getting the data from a report by Wunderman Thompson stating that 69% of clothes shopping occurs online. And the bad fits are dumped in landfills that amount to textile waste in great amounts.

Using Cleopatra as an ‘influencer’ worked out to be a perfect idea for the team. As no one would have thought of juxtaposing modern-day science–fashion–history in one thread, this idea is quite unique for its times.

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