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Indonesian Creator Economy Set To Improve With Bintango Participation

BintanGO to solve Indonesian creators challenge to manage multiple income sources, also help them procure credit & financing from different financial firms.

Indonesian Creator Economy Set To Improve With Bintango Participation

BintanGO is the all-in-one space for Indonesian creators looking to monetise their content. The first USP of this brand is CreatorSpace. It helps creators to manage their collaborations with brands. This is done with the measurement of engagement and also through sending invoices.

The upshot for businesses is that they can search BintanGO’s marketplace for verified creators. These creators are accepted depending on their social media following, aesthetics as well as post consistency. The icing on the cake is that BintanGO also has an app that can be used by fans to garner video shout-outs from their favoured influencers or even celebrities. This is the same feature as Cameo in the USA.

The last funding of BintanGO was $500,000 in a pre-seed round in June 2021, before it launched in September. That changed today when the Jakarta startup told the media that $2.1 million in seed funding had been raised. The funding was led by eWTP Technology, Investible, as well as Innovation Fund. There was also participation from Aksara, Farquhar, Plug and Play, and Moonshot Ventures. Redbadge Pacific, Mulia Sky Capital, as well as United Creative also participated in this seed round. 

According to the CEO of BintanGO, Jason Lee, the primary challenge facing Indonesian creators is the management of multiple income sources. This makes payments and invoicing difficult. Again, the content creators in Indonesia are seen as informal workers. This makes it hard for them to procure credit and financing from different financial institutions. Lee said that BintanGO would look to sort out all these issues.

BintanGO’s CreatorSpace is now available to all creators, irrespective of their size, which is a welcome development.

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