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Flying Cars To Enter The Markets Soon – US And China Leading In Tech Patents

Along with US and China, the market for flying cars is expected to be humongous with deliveries and taxi services included in its future.

US And China Leading In Flying Cars Patents

Technology is changing the world faster than most would have anticipated and why not, ultimately we have been waiting for flying cars to come into the market since that first science fiction movie.

Nations across the world are racing to get the patents registered for it, but leading among them are the US and China. The other top players include countries in Europe, Japan, and South Korea.

Patent Cooperation Treaty, the international organization for patent registration, saw 310 patent applications for flying cars between 2012 and 2018. In which Americans with 138 applications were at double of their Chinese and European counterparts.

The US companies have taken the top 11 positions of the top 15 applications that were submitted. The other primary position goes to China while Japan, with its Tokyo-based start-up, is in 19th place.

Right now the technical definition of a flying car is an electric aircraft that can vertically land and take-off with an automated pilot managing its controls.

The patents, however, have focused mainly on rechargeable batteries. The other patents application focus on the designs of the aircraft which will be a multicopter, very similar to modern-day drones.

Industry insiders predict the technology to be mainly used for logistics, but countries like Japan, China, and the US are at par in their technology development to see cars transporting people.

The market for such cars is expected to be humongous with deliveries and taxi services included in its future. The Japanese market itself foresees it to expand to about 6 Billion dollars or 700 Billion Yen and reach a scale of 2.5 trillion yen by 2040.

The journey, however, is still very long for all players, and if Japan has to remain competitive it will need to make many technological and regulatory framework progress. 

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