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Fave Unveils Its Asean Tech Hub To Promote Digital Innovation

Fave Tech Hub will train and provide professional certification, mentorship & coaching, product development, workshops, and eventually employment opportunities.

Fave Unveils Its Asean Tech Hub To Promote Digital Innovation

Fave has opened its Tech Hub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in its efforts to modernise the fintech industry, train top-class technical talent, and promote digital innovation in Southeast Asia (Asean), according to a statement from the firm.

Fave’s Tech Hub, in partnership with its training partner iTrain and some universities, plans to onboard up to 100 engineers by 2022, according to the smart payments’ platform.

Tech Hub will train and provide professional certification, mentorship and coaching, product development projects, workshops, and eventually employment opportunities across Fave and Pine Labs enterprises, according to the company.

Fave stated that the program would primarily focus on young graduates, making them industry-ready, beginning with the first group.

Fave said that aside from recent graduates from coding universities and academies, the program also targets job changers/self-learners with a strong interest in software engineering, studying through Youtube, Linkedin, Stack Overflow, Coursera, Udemy, and other online platforms. 

According to the corporation, the Tech Hub will be the fundamental first step in Fave’s commitment to continuing the expansion of the technical talent pipeline in Southeast Asia as a recurrent initiative.

According to Arzumy MD, chief technology officer of Fave, it is critical to invest in developing talent, which is the backbone of the region’s thriving fintech economy.

Fave’s strategy for developing world-class financial engineering talent in Southeast Asia is built on three pillars:

  • Ecosystem Development: Collaborating with Malaysia’s top educational institutions to find and upskill talent using supplementary lectures, development seminars, career assistance, and mentorship programs.
  • Readiness Training: Skill development and occupational training will be accomplished through the partnership with iTrain, who will oversee the thorough six-week technical and soft-skill modules;
  • ‘Good to Great’ Initiative: a post-training program segment, are responsible for encouraging and promoting other engineers, non-technical team members, and overseeing whole project streams.

Fave is looking for people with a logical and disciplined cognitive process, good cooperation skills, a rapid learning of new topics, and great communication skills.

Over four cohorts slated on March 21, May 9, July 4, and September 5, the business hopes to double its internship intakes more than, raising the standard in product engineering of Southeast Asia.

Fresh graduates with a guided/self-learnt coding experience are invited to apply for Fave’s training program.

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