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Dat Bike Created Vietnam’s First Electric Bike

Dat Bike owns the battery and controller technologies, with its additional capital, it will invest in engine technology to scale the business.

Dat Bike Created Vietnam's First Electric Bike

Dat Bike wants to reduce Vietnam’s dependence on gasoline. So the startup makes electric motorcycles with components it designs and manufactures in-house. Jungle Ventures and Wavemaker Partners led a $5.3 million Series A financing for Dat Bike. Since Son Nguyen founded Dat Bike in 2019, the company has raised $10 million.

According to the Ministry of Transport, Dat Bike is the country’s first electric bike. Nguyen says Dat Bike uses vertical integration rather than third-party imported electric drivetrains and parts to save money while improving quality. It also distributes directly to consumers, lowering costs. Dat Bike designs most of its parts, and most of its suppliers are Vietnamese.

Money will go towards improving the company’s technology. According to Nguyen, an electric bike’s battery, motor, and controller are critical components. Dat Bike owns the battery and controller technologies. With its additional capital, it can invest in engine technology. Nguyen added that the company would update its mobile app with additional features and shorten the feedback loop for the error reporting feature.

Consumer concerns about e-bike performance compared to gas bikes were one of the main difficulties the company had to address. The Weaver 200, Dat Bike’s second version, arrived last year with a 200km range and 6kW power. In terms of performance (5 kW vs. 1.5 kW), the Weaver has twice the range (100 km vs. 50 km) of most other electric bikes. It also reduced charging time from one hour for 100 km to 2.5 hours for 200 km.

The corporation wants to produce new products and research faster charging for each year. Dat Bike presently has two shops in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi and an online store. In addition to Thai Nguyen, the funds will be used to expand its offline-to-online strategy in Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Hai Duong, and Ha Long regions.

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