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Crypto Investment Platform Finblox Offers 90% Returns On Axie Tokens

The platform currently sports an interest rate of 35% for the $AXS token.

Finblox Offers 90% Returns On Axie Tokens

Finblox, a Hong Kong-based financial institution founded in 2021, is promising up to 90% returns on a certain cryptocurrency. The platform provides hassle-free options for investment in digital assets, and users making investments in the $AXS token from Axie Infinity will be receiving these high returns.

The platform currently sports an interest rate of 35% for the $AXS token. However, they claim a range of strategies to bring up this value including lending to financial institutions and decentralized protocols. Finblox is the brainchild of Peter Hoang, who also co-founded GoTrade, a platform for earning through saving cryptocurrency.

Hoang states that the Finblox platform is using gamification mechanisms to bring crypto to the masses. It already provides quite high yields for investing in currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, USD Coin, etc., and with the new promise of the highest returns from $AXS tokens, the platform has taken on the mainstream spotlight. There are current investors across 180 countries who use Finblox.

Axie Infinity has been performing quite well in recent times. Their Smooth Love Potion token witnessed a surge due to the popularity of the blockchain-based video game of the same name. And through Finblox, users will now be able to invest in the $AXS token directly via credit and debit cards. They can also be traded using the Ethereum platform, and users will be able to earn interest without worrying about minimum requirements and lock-in period.

Finblox has also been aggressively raising funds through investments. In a recently closed round, they were able to gather big-name investors such as Sequoia Capital India, Venturra Discovery, MSA Capital, Coinfund, First Check Ventures, Ratio Ventures, and Saison Capital. If you wish to invest in cryptos hassle-free, Finblox is definitely a platform you should check out!

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