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Axie Infinity Sold $2.3m Worth Digital Land

In February, an agreement was done for nine plots of a digital land for 1.5 million USD.

Axie Infinity Sold $2.3m Worth Digital Land

Axie Infinity, an online, non-fungible-token-based video game, has publicized its largest sale of digital land on its platform. As per the corporation, the digital land was sold for 2.3 million USD—the highest amount ever paid for a solitary piece of digital property.

This sum is believed to beat an earlier deal made in a play-to-earn game. In February, an agreement was done for nine plots of a digital land for 1.5 million USD. The deal had become the biggest non-fungible token trade at that time. 

Axie Infinity Landscape

The Metaverse Group, a subsidiary of, too, has procured a digital plot from another virtual reality platform—Decentraland. The company stated that the plot was sold for 2.4 million USD—the priciest deal for a virtual property on its platform. The enterprise affirmed that the worth of this piece of plot was more than what real-life houses in major cities of the US cost. 

The two aforementioned trades form a part of the recent gush of regard for digital landholdings in the metaverse market. 

A statement from digital currency investor—Grayscale—stated that metaverse is expected to gain a revenue opening of 1 trillion USD in the social commerce, digital events sectors and advertising. No specific timelines were given for this change. The statement also briefed about crypto fundraising. It has reached 8.2 billion USD in 2021’s third quarter. The blockchain gaming startups are acquiring 1 billion USD funding during the same time span as well.

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