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Apple Might Get Rid Of The SIM Card Slot In The New iphone

If rumours are true, come September, the iPhone 13 and 14 will no longer have a SIM card slot.

Apple removing sim slot

According to anonymous reports, Apple has asked the major telecom providers to ready themselves for e-SIM only phones in 2022. This has sparked the rumor regarding the removal of the physical SIM card slots in their upcoming series of iPhones. This could potentially change the game!

Apple has been providing the e-SIM feature since 2018, but all phones had a slot for a physical SIM. If rumours are true, come September, the iPhone 13 and 14 will no longer have a SIM card slot. Users with the iPhone 13 model that offers a dual SIM option will be able to use two e-SIMs simultaneously.

Apple has not made any official announcements yet, but multiple sources corroborate the news regarding the update. It only makes sense that the SIM card service would be digitized completely in the near future.

As far as India is concerned, all the major telecom service providers, such as Airtel, Jio, Vodafone Idea, all accept e-SIMs. So, the rollout by Apple next year should go down without a hitch. The new set of iPhones without the SIM card slot is expected to be more water-resistant. And this also allows space for the innovative minds at Apple to add new features to the devices. But, is the global market ready for completely SIM card-free phones?

The rumor was originally generated in MacRumors, where an anonymous document revealed that Apple had been in conversation with telecom providers regarding e-SIM facilities. Twitterati Dylan has also spoken about the possibilities of Apple completely ditching the SIM card slot in 2022. Users have been pouring in about what new features this change will enable, and will other tech giants in the mobile market follow suit? Only time will tell!

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