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AIForceTech, A Chinese Smart Farming Startup Raised $15 Million In Funding

AIForceTech has successfully automated the complete fieldwork process for maize, soy, wheat & cotton cultivation, now focusing on potatoes & rice.

AIForceTech, A Chinese Smart Farming Startup Raised $15 Million In Funding

AIForceTech is a Chinese business that supplies smart agricultural equipment. Through a Series A+ fundraising round headed by China Creation Ventures, it raised tens of thousands of yuan. Vertex Venture and Delian Capital, two of the company’s shareholders, also contributed.

AIForceTech has raised a total of over 100 million yuan ($15.8 million) to date, including funds raised in June of last year in a Series A round. The firm was founded in 2019, provides unmanned agricultural equipment and farmworker services, increasing production and compensating for manpower shortages.

In China, the urbanisation rate (the proportion of the population living in cities) has risen steadily. As per the seventh national census, which was performed in 2020, the country’s urbanisation rate was 63.9 %. Some evidence even implies that by 2035, the rate will have reached 75% to 80%.

Labour shortages have consequently become a severe issue for the agricultural industry, necessitating increased productivity. Connecting self-driving cars to farming might help tackle this problem.

Li Deyi, AIForceTech’s head scientist, is a Chinese Academy of Engineering member. Wei Han, the company’s founder, and CEO, earned his PhD at Tsinghua University and researched autonomous driving for more than ten years under Li. The firm employs over 40 engineers from institutions in China and abroad, including the University of California in the United States, Tsinghua University, and Waseda University in Japan.

AIForceTech has already introduced a number of products to major agricultural producers as well as individual farms. Virtual Driver, one of its products, may be fitted to a wide range of commercially available farm equipment. 

Tractors equipped with Virtual Driver enable unattended operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for cultivation, levelling, pesticide spraying, weeding, planting , and other labour-intensive chores. The weeding feature can greatly reduce pesticide consumption.

Han stated that AIForceTech quickly developed a business model in just a few years. The firm has formed alliances with the Beidahuang Group, Cofco, and other significant state-owned enterprises, as well as various agricultural machinery cooperatives.

In addition to the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the city of Beijing, the firm has supplied unmanned agricultural work services in the provinces of Hebei, Jilin, and Heilongjiang

The principal source of revenue for AIForceTech is the selling and service of autonomous agricultural equipment, with total sales of approximately 10 million yuan to date.

AIForceTech has successfully automated the complete fieldwork process for maize, soy, wheat, and cotton cultivation, and is currently focusing on potatoes and rice. It also intends to expand the capabilities of its smart farm gear to work on difficult terrain and smaller gardens.

AIForceTech presently operates mostly in Northeastern China, but hopes to expand into other regions of the nation later this year.

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