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More Top Executives Leave Following The Return Of Vishal Garg As CEO

The exodus of the latest two top executives can be crucial for since they were really the ‘people person’ in the organisation.

More Top Executives Leave Better.Com

You may remember the viral video where the CEO of, Vishal Garg, laid off around 300 employees over a single Zoom meeting. While this led to a huge amount of public hate for the digital mortgage company and particularly towards Garg, he recently returned to his position at the helm. This is clearly not going down well with the employees of the company, and a constant exodus has been taking place since his return.

As per the latest reports, the executive vice president of customer experience, sales, and operations and the senior vice president of capital markets and growth have both left the building. While neither has made any public comments regarding their departure, it can be easily surmised that Garg’s return has triggered their decision.

Earlier in December, witnessed more executives depart from the company. The VP of communication, the head of public relations, and the head of marketing were some of the major exits, alongside a host of other employees. Two board members also resigned; however, no reason was cited for their departure either.

The exodus of the latest two executives can be crucial for Better since they were really the ‘people person’ in the organisation. Garg has been known for being extremely anti-employee, using the explicit language frequently, and also firing people overnight. So, the departure of the executives who represent the employee voices makes the situation more vulnerable for the workers.

Many employees were bewildered by the fact that Garg was once again allowed to be the CEO after the massive lash back from the general population. However, the board believes that he has taken the right steps following the leak of the controversial video, and is going through constant coaching to be a better people person.

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