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Microsoft Hired An Expert Law Firm To Review Harassment Policies

The recent #MeToo movement also revealed policy lacks within the organisation.

Microsoft To Review Harassment Policies With An Expert Law Firm

Microsoft is not new workplace sexual harassment allegations. Over the past decade at least a few hundred workplaces sexual harassment allegations have been brought up against the tech giant. The recent #MeToo movement also revealed policy lacks within the organisation. Now, the shareholders have claimed that the firm releases a report on its policies regarding workplace sexual harassment and discrimination.

As a result, Microsoft has hired an expert law firm, Arent Fox, to help them review policies and settle cases. Based in Washington, Arent Fox is famous for defending sexual harassment charges against White House members.

The report is due this year and it will include a list of aspects such as the effectiveness of the policy, training protocols, review of various past sexual harassment charges, results of investigations against board members including Bill Gates, the question of accountability, and various other data. Additionally, the law firm Arent Fox will be providing a set of recommendations to the organisation.

There was a difference of opinion initially against hiring external forces to sort out the ongoing sexual harassment and misconduct issues. The shareholders were for external help whereas the board members believed it could be settled internally. But, now the shareholders have claimed that a detailed report must be issued sorting out all the cases and all current policies reviewed. So, hiring Arent Fox was something that the board had to accept.

Sexual harassment and discrimination at workplaces have become a serious issue in recent times. With big names such as Microsoft not being able to deal with the rising number of allegations, it is expected that shareholders would intervene. This should be a learning lesson for all MNCs turning a blind eye to such allegations.

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