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Meta Sets Up Office In Gurugram, The Biggest In Asia

This new office will have teams from Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.


Meta, earlier known as Facebook, said on Wednesday that it aims to skill 1 crore small businesses, along with 2,50,000 creators, in India over the next three years. It will achieve this through CFINE – Centre for Fuelling India’s New Economy.

Meta has housed CFINE in one of its biggest offices in Asia, set up in Gurugram. This new office will have teams from Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Vice President and Managing Director of Facebook (Meta) India, Ajit Mohan said that India is where the Internet’s future is being shaped, not just the largest country for Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook. This office will be an opportunity to build a space that doesn’t only have the largest team in India, but also a place where we can engage deeply with the outside world, added Mohan.

He also said that CFINE’s mission is to bring all its products and efforts together to use the tools and technology of the company to fuel the growth of small businesses, entrepreneurs and creators in the country. 

“Over the next three years, we will attempt to train and skill 1 crore small businesses and 2,50,000 creators through the centre,” Mohan said. 

He said that even though they realise that it’s not an easy task to accomplish, they feel they have an obligation to rise to the opportunity that is presented by the forces of technology that are transforming India.

Mohan called it an opportunity that fell in line with the openness of the internet in India and the “fundamental democratic values that drive institutions that we have benefited from”.

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