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Kuala Lumpur Ranked As The 16th Most Attractive City For Digital Talent

Singapore as the 2nd, Beijing as the 19th, Hong Kong as the 21st, and Seoul as the 24th rank.


Kuala Lumpur, the garden city of lights, has materialized as the 16th most attractive city, globally, for hunting digital talent and relocating for a job. This is the first time the city has emerged in the top 30’s list. 

Along with Kuala Lumpur, Asian cities elected in the top 30 consist of Singapore as the 2nd, Beijing as the 19th, Hong Kong as the 21st, and Seoul as the 24th rank.

This study was conducted by The Network and Boston Consulting Group and included 9,864 employees in the digital field. The ranks were decided by the respondents’ percentage wanting to shift to different cities. 

12% of respondents chose London, 10% chose Singapore and 9% chose Amsterdam for relocation. This 2nd position was a significant improvement for Singapore, as it had gone up to eight ranks from 2018 to 2020. 

As observed in the report, Asian cities, especially since 2018, have become trendy due to the increase in recognition of Asian Pacific nations for switching to another nation for jobs. 

Familiarising with this growth, Singapore is now the 2nd most in-style city for overseas relocation, an ideology inspired by the city’s labours in building and supporting the digital economy.

Singapore has gained this rank due to Asia Pacific’s emergence as a go-to place for global assignments. Singapore is also rated 6th in the top nations where digital employees would go for remote service, which makes the country the only Southeast Asian country to have entered the list.  

The study also noted that 40% of employees of the digital area are searching for new jobs and about 75% are expected to resign from their current jobs shortly. 

The major factors for these employees to switch jobs are finding an opportunity to progress their careers (63%) and looking for new challenges (49%). 

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