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2022 To Witness Twice The Rise In Women Workforce in Delivery Business

The modern woman equipped to make delivery routes, the e-Commerce sector is bound to breathe the fresh air of gender equality.

Women Workforce To Rise In Delivery Business

Delivery businesses and e-Commerce have rapidly grown during the pandemic period, and it is here to stay. But another aspect of 2021 that was extremely necessary, was a strong view towards achieving gender parity in the workforce, especially of an exponentially growing sector. This is now likely to materialise over this year as women’s participation in the delivery personnel sector rises from 7% to 15%, according to Vahan, an HR consultancy.

Their report also shows how the demand for delivery personnel overall is likely to face a sharp rise in the near future. This will open up the sector towards blue-collar women who are ready to serve the necessary roles. The e-Commerce industry also provides constant offers and discounts that will aid this rise in demand.

The blue-collar job market in India has been rising rapidly, but the presence of women had mostly been in the 5% -10% range. But, with the modern woman equipped to make delivery routes the e-Commerce sector is bound to breathe the fresh air of gender equality.

It is also stated that having women delivery personnel provides a better customer experience and business outlook. This is extremely important in today’s e-Commerce sector due to the sky-high level of competition. Consumers are becoming highly critical of the ethical standpoint of brands, and having a positive gender outlook will help brands create long-term customers. This ethical outlook towards online shopping will aid the drive to hire women delivery personnel.

The report by Vahan states that this demand will start in the metro cities and also spread to tier 2 and 3 cities. The Indian e-Commerce industry is also filled with start-ups, and many of them are led by women. So, there will also be an incentive to hire women delivery personnel.

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