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Year In Review: Meta Introduces New Feature For Facebook And Instagram

This new “Year in Review” feature is fully customisable in both Instagram and Facebook.

Meta new features for Instagram and Facebook

Meta (formerly Facebook) has introduced a new “Year in Review” feature for Instagram and Facebook. Facebook users will be able to share a “Year Together” personalized card that will highlight the feelings, friends, people and places that most mattered to them in the year 2021. 

This new in-feed feature will reflect a user’s year on the social media platform and curate a shareable card from it. Starting today, this new feature will be accessible until 30th December globally. 

Instagram users, on the other hand, can now share an end-of-year custom time capsule “Playback” in their IG stories. Users will be able to pick up to 10 stories from their Stories Archives, customize them and share them with their followers.

Only the users who have posted more than 3 stories and have their Stories Archive turned on, will be eligible for this new feature. Instagram will itself suggest Playback posts, but you will be able to decide which ones you might want to pick for sharing. Users will receive an invitation message in their feed to create their own custom Playback. This new feature will be available for weeks to the users.

Previously, Instagram users created a similar version of end-of-year playback feature with their best 9 images by themselves but this year Instagram will add it as an in-app feature. 

This new “Year in Review” feature is fully customisable in both Instagram and Facebook where users can remove and add content as per their choice. 

This end-of-year feature has become popular in recent times due to the annual Wrapped feature of Spotify which is being shared widely across different social media platforms each year. This feature is now being mimicked by not just Instagram and Facebook, but also many other digital platforms like Reddit and Snapchat.

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