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Twitter To Rollout ‘Collaborations’ Feature That Enables Users To Co-Author Tweets With Brands

Twitter collaboration feature is something that has been common on competitor social networks like Instagram and YouTube for a while now.

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Twitter is still working on a feature called “Collaborations” that would allow numerous users to co-author a tweet. When a user accepts an invitation to collaborate with another user, the option is activated. It also appears to hint at a prospective intention to allow content producers to collaborate with businesses on brand ad deals, something that has been common on competitor social networks like Instagram and YouTube for a while now.

Back in December 2021, mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi discovered references in the code of Twitter that showed that the company was working on an option to allow two users to be co-authors of a single tweet. Both the Twitter usernames and the names of the persons who sent the tweets would appear above the body of the message in this case. A collaboration option was introduced to the tweet composer page earlier this year, and Paluzzi observed how the co-authors’ profile photographs would appear — one layered on top of the other — when their tweeted-out “Collabs” appeared in the Twitter Timeline.

A screenshot of how Twitter Collaborations might operate was tweeted out by Paluzzi today, adding to the growing body of evidence that the feature is in development.

If you want to “co-own” a tweet with someone else, you’ll first have to ask that person or company to do so. Co-authors are presented on the tweet when the other user approves the request, Twitter explains on this page.

As far as Paluzzi is concerned, there is nothing in the code that prevents this functionality from being made available to all users, like Twitter’s Super Followers.

The addition of Collaborations shows that Twitter is considering how its platform may be used in multiple ways beyond simply a real-time news network or virtual town square.

There are numerous new items being tested on the social media platform, including an ability for users to subscribe to their favourite accounts and gain access to exclusive content, such as images, videos, or even secret tweets.

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