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Theatre For Memories: Bet You Will Never Look At Your Car The Same Way 

There is pure simplicity in the ad film, Theatre For Memories, that has caught the attention of viewers worldwide and generated buzz for the new Toyota Avanza.

A new commercial for the Toyota Avanza, which is termed a “Theatre for Memories,” is looking to describe the innumerable features of this new SUV. With this ad film, the viewer can see different generations of the family along with their connection to this family vehicle. 

There is pure simplicity in the ad film that has caught the attention of viewers worldwide and generated buzz for the new vehicle from the Toyota stables. The direction of the film was done by Christian& Patrick from Bangkok’s Sweetshop, while the filming took five days in both Rayong and Bangkok. 

The all-new Avanza from Toyota is a distinct overhaul of one of its beloved predecessors, and the Japanese automotive leader has the new car sporting versatile interiors, a bold exterior, as well as enhanced safety features. It does not matter if it is your first car or not; this offering from Toyota is bound to be a winner with you. 

The Avanza has all the paraphernalia for the inclusion of digital devices. The Grade E and G variants have an 8” display for audio, supporting both Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto Connectivity. There are multiple USB ports to ensure that smartphones taken along on the trip never dry out from lack of juice. Additionally, what comes as a big surprise is that there are pre-recorded nursery rhymes for the youngest members of your family. 

As for fuel consumption, for an SUV, the Avanza does just fine with Continuous Variable transmission, which is a technology for assuring lower fuel consumption. 

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