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Romance, Reality Show, Dream, Horror Story: BunBun Advert With Many Folds

A playful ad for Calbee’s BunBun snack food by Wolk BKK that explores the twist and turns in snacking experience.

Is it a love story? Or is it a hidden-camera show? Or a reality show? What if it is just a dream? do not worry as it is not a true story. Well, so is it a ghost story? No, it is a playful ad for Calbee’s BunBun snack food by Wolk BKK.

The video above is a Wolf BKK advertisement for BunBun, a pea-based snack food from Calbee. 

But it takes a long time to establish itself as such, and it has a lot of fun with stereotypes in the meantime. It is not just creative for the sake of being clever; the shape of the ad corresponds to the company’s statement that the snack “ain’t true anymore.”

For that purpose, the ad immediately addresses what appears to be a problem for the company. “It is not appetizing, do not buy it,” says one character in the commercial, but he is proven wrong when a floating hand stuffs the snack into his mouth, and he finds it delectable.

Clever, amusing, and unafraid. Sure you will enjoy this.

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