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India’s Revenge Spending Boosts Ice Cream Brands

Brands are hurrying to keep up with the pace of marketing and advertising as people turn to ice cream with fury after two dreary pandemic years.

India's Revenge Spending Boosts Ice Cream Brands

According to a survey, brands are hurrying to keep up with the pace of marketing and advertising as people turn to ice cream with fury after two dreary years of the pandemic. With most of the country experiencing heat waves, ice cream sales have surged by up to 50% since 2020.

It’s a revenge spending of a different sort. Brands are hurrying to keep up with the pace of marketing and advertising as people turn to ice cream with fury after two dreary pandemic years. Ice cream consumption has reached new highs in the last five years. Due to the Covid-19 concern in the summers of 2020 and 2021, consumers were hesitant to eat cold desserts. This year, though, there is a huge demand for ice cream, especially with most countries experiencing extreme heat. Brands are capitalising on the opportunity by upping their marketing budgets. RS Sodhi, the managing director of the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), explains that the four months of summer are the prime season for ice cream consumption and advertising and promotions.

Excessive spending

According to a survey by Snapbizz, which provides technological solutions to retailers and mom-and-pop establishments, ice cream sales have surged by up to 50% this year compared to 2020 statistics. To keep up, businesses are increasing their advertising spending by 10-15% this year, albeit lower. GCMMF has been focusing more on the overall development of its Amul brand.

Allana Customer Products, which distributes premium London Dairy ice cream in India, is advertising appealing consumer offers such as 125 ml free with a 500-ml tub and 250 ml with a 1-litre pack of London Dairy, according to Milind Pingle, the company’s chief executive. Pina colada, peach apricot, pink guava, and blueberry are among the new flavours available.

Pinge states that at the same time, they are developing a digital campaign called ‘My Summer Flavourite’ to advertise the flavours and increase recall. They also continue to spend on performance marketing and social media promotions to grow their audience on digital platforms like Spotify, Hotstar, and YouTube.

Purchasing supplies

Compared to other FMCG products, ice cream has seen only minor price hikes. Summer arrived 25 days sooner this year. In addition, in 2022, the push-cart workers, who had gone to their villages for the previous two years, returned—this aids in sales mobilisation.

Manish Bandlish is the managing director of Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable, which relies on digital and television marketing to capitalise on its recently expanded distribution network. He stated that one should start collecting as early as February-end pushcarts and stocking retail outlets. The increase in at-home consumption encouraged them. Its creative agency is Ogilvy, and it has an aggressive plan for this summer. According to the campaign’s premise, “melt away miles between family members, making every moment delightful.” Advertising at the point of sale is critical for an impulse product like ice cream. Bandlish added that they do a lot of point-of-sale advertising at each of their stores.

Boost the flavor

According to Siddhant Kamath, director of Kamaths Ourtimes Icecreams, the company encourages seasonal flavours in their advertising, which owns the Naturals brand. He continued to state that during their campaign, they discussed flavours. Bandlish added that mango is introduced in April, followed by Kala Jamun and litchi in May. Sales are already high, and customers are buying.

Drink Water Design has been its creative agency for eight years, and it has a strong focus on digital and social media marketing. It introduces a new flavour every Friday over two weeks. The corporation also enjoys maintaining a buzz in its storefronts.

According to HUL, sales have now surpassed pre-Covid levels, which owns various ice cream brands like Kwality Wall’s, Cornetto, and Magnum. According to the HUL spokesperson, on Valentine’s Day, the company released a new campaign with Alia Bhatt for Cornetto. The spokesperson added that trending flavours like trixy blueberry cheesecake, cornetto royal kulfi, black forest feast, and cassata cake are available at Kwality Walls.

According to Lloyd Mathias, a business consultant, the summer months are great for growing the market. He added that it is a fantastic moment to bring in new users with folks leaving. The business consultant added that manufacturers have great potential.

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