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IMS Voice Core, A Cloud-Native Product Introduced By Nokia

Nokia released Nokia Cloud Communication Suite, a cloud-native application for its IMS core product. This product is tailor-made for WiFi, 5G, and 4G users.

IMS Voice Core, A Cloud-Native Product Introduced By Nokia

Nokia is planning to cut its network management cost by simplifying its web operation. The Cloud Native Network Function (CNF) contains specialised parts such as the Telephony Application Server (TAS), Call SessionControll Function (CSCF), Session Border Controller(SBC), and Media Resource Function (SBC). These specialised components are present as microservers.  

The Finnish telecom giant also claims that its IMS voice core will improve efficiency by 10-20% when compared to its competitors. The new IMS voice core comes with a new architecture that enhances the performance of internal messaging. It also ensures that common resources are properly utilised. 

According to Senior Vice President and Head of Nokia’s Core Networks, Fran Heeran, as 5G swivels to complex services, and with 4G already achieving its targeted Voice over LTE, the IMS core product is seen as Nokia’s latest response to the demands of the customers to improve their network swiftness, cost optimisation and ease of operations. 

Senior Analyst of ABI Research Don Alusha says that Nokia believes that its easy use cloud-native IMS voice core CSP will lower its carbon footprint and become more cost-efficient in its performance. This new IMS core voice will also manage the complexities better. This is Nokia’s latest measure to further its commitment to offering an enriching customer experience.

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