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Hello Kitty To Enter Metaverse To Be A Dominant Brand

According to Sanrio’s CEO, The objective is to make Hello Kitty a dominant name and flood the metaverse and offline world with her image.

Hello Kitty Soon To Enter Metaverse To Charm Users

The Japanese firm behind Hello Kitty and her entourage of a dapper frog and an evil penguin anticipates the globe will spend a total of 300 billion hours interacting with its characters in next 10 years.

If Sanrio successfully restores Japan’s beloved character – an emblem of the country’s cute, popular culture – the business believes it can compete with global competitors such as Walt Disney.

The objective for Hello Kitty’s dominance, according to Sanrio’s CEO, is to flood the metaverse and offline world with her image. In order to do this, the business is exploring collaborations with Amazon, Netflix, and other internet behemoths, as well as introducing non-fungible tokens.

Sanrio’s ambitious campaign comes on the heels of a major boardroom shake-up. Shintaro Tsuji, the company’s 94-year-old founder, stepped down as CEO in July 2020 and was succeeded by his grandson, Tomokuni Tsuji, 33.

Tsuji has spent his first 19 months in charge attempting to revitalise a brand that, while recognized worldwide, was dying under his grandpa. To bring Kitty to a new demographic, he created the notion of “Sanrio hours,” which is the amount of time people spend with the brand.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Tsuji said their aim over the next ten years is to produce 300 billion Sanrio hours since time has become the basis of their operations. He also mentioned that he realises the goal is lofty, but he believes it is still attainable.

Sanrio also held a metaverse music festival called Sanrio Virtual Fes in December at Sanrio Puroland, which is its theme park, with its characters performing alongside pop singers and video bloggers. Visitors communicated with one another using avatars on a variety of devices.

Tsuji stated that Sanrio has been “lagging behind in digital strategy,” but that it was “seeking to participate more in the domains of metaverse and NFTs.”

The significant change comes as the company’s operational earnings have decreased since a high in fiscal 2013. In the profitable U.S. and European markets, Disney’s “Frozen” characters and television series have crowded out Sanrio’s characters.

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