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GitOps Receiving Some Serious Attention From Google Cloud

Google Cloud is currently developing new tools to simplify the use of Kubernetes using the principle newly popular GitOps practice.

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Google Cloud is developing a series of tools openly sourced directed to help companies regularly manage and configure their containerised apps according to the need. This is Google cloud’s most important commitment so far to the newly popular GitOps practice. 

Kubernetes, an orchestrator for containers that arose from Google, is the centre part for organisations that are native to the cloud. With this, companies can manage a large number of containers and restore the required condition without the need for extensive knowledge in that domain. They can write code and Helm charts in the YAML programming language. 

The main objective of GitOps is to provide a solution to these problems. GitOps mainly treats the infrastructure similar to a code and lets users store both the infrastructure and the app in a system known as Git. This is then used by both Ops and dev teams. 

Since this is still in its development stage, a lot of work is required from specialists to maintain and write these configurations on Kubernetes files. At the same time, they must also make sure that the processes are correctly placed and provide the developers with what they require. All of this must be done consistently and securely. 

Google Cloud is currently developing new tools to simplify the use of Kubernetes using the principle of GitOps. This is done by converting several tasks relating to a configuration more consistent with developer tools such as command-line interfaces (CLIs) and (GUIs)

They are also working with Porch, a package orchestrator to help develop and write “what you see is what you get” configurations along with editing, package creation, upgrade tasks, and transformation. 

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