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Facebook Is Now Called Meta, Yet Its new Ads Are Still tasteless

The advertisement is a fashionable but meaningless diversion that communicates very little about the identity.

Facebook Is Called Meta now, Yet Its new Ads Are Still tasteless

As you may have noticed, Facebook has been renamed Meta. The very first brand campaign under this new umbrella has now begun. Four young students huddle around Henri Rousseau’s 1908 artwork Combat between a Tiger and a Buffalo. The picture comes to life as they gaze into its exotic hues, lush vegetation, and halted deadly action.

We enlarge the scope. What was previously two-dimensional is now three-dimensional. “This is the realm of fantasy,” the tiger adds, looking up. We bounce around, encountering toucans, flamingos, and what look to be raccoons with human noses, all grooving to SL2’s “Way in My Head”. The students’ faces go from suspicion to approval as they are absorbed into the artwork, heads bouncing, mesmerised by the music. Captivated. It concludes with the Tiger and Buffalo no more battling, but just buzzing. Meta.

According to Jasmine Summerset-Karcie, Meta’s global head of brand marketing, the purpose of the commercial (produced with firm Droga5) is to promote the company’s vision and “truly thrill people about the potential of the metaverse.”

The fact is that Meta is merely one firm working on the supposed metaverse’s technological hurdles, and even then, gyrating around a Rousseau with your pals is still a lengthy, huge way off. That is, this advertisement is a fashionable but meaningless diversion that communicates very little about the identity, the metaverse, or the goal of the corporation once known as Facebook.

So much has transpired in the intervening years. So, neglect all apologies and concrete action: “The Tiger & The Buffalo” is all about deception. Or the latest research claiming that climate change denial is growing uncontrollably on Facebook. Take a peek over here! Look at these unique flamingos!

Meta’s latest advertisement stirs up its own beautiful forest environment—as well as a similar dedication to truth.

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