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Coca-Cola Unveils Coke-Loving Tiger Family With Real Magic Of Chinese New Year

Polar bear for Christmas and now, in honour of the Year of the Tiger, it decided to feature an animated tiger family for the Chinese New Year.

Coca-Cola presents an animated family of polar bears throughout the Christmas season. And now, in honour of the Year of the Tiger, it decided to feature an animated tiger family for the Chinese New Year. The ‘Real Magic Lunar New Year’ campaign of the company includes Greater China, as well as Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Korea.  The campaign’s 60-second hero TVC depicts the family patriarch and a runaway son overcoming conflicts as the boy returns home for the holiday, in typical CNY advertising flair. This occurs during an encounter orchestrated by the astute matriarch, who knows the two will loosen up if they just play together as they used to when the son was still a kitten. A pleasant but competitive pursuit after a surprisingly indestructible bottle of Coke draws the two together.

According to Ogilvy, the film has been reworked to include appropriate local cultural components in some markets. In addition, the tiger clan has been immortalised in limited-edition packaging and an outstanding 3D OOH ad is currently airing in numerous Chinese cities.

Individuals in mainland China may also play mobile games that involve coordinated face-making and gestures by numerous people on a single phone. According to the firm, this will allow family members from different generations to create “shared moments of wonder that they will enjoy for years to come.” That may be a bit much, but Ad Nut acknowledges it does seem like fun.

According to the companies report, the games are accessed by scanning a QR code found on product boxes, and players get electronic reward points “that will be incorporated into the brand’s new consumer CRM platform.  The campaign also ventured into the eCommerce sector, notably Tmall, where the company developed a bespoke section devoted to members and improved their flagship store’s loyalty program. According to the companies, online and physical interactions—scanning and obtaining the auspicious Chinese character ‘Fu’ utilising Alipay, participating in online activities presented on Coca-Cola’s membership zone on Tmall— allow users to obtain unique perks and offers.

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