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Apple’s Remarkable Growth In India In The Fiscal Year 2021

Apple’s business in India has grown two-fold in the quarter earnings posted in September.

Apple’s Remarkable Growth In India

Apple’s business in India has grown two-fold in the quarter earnings posted in September. CEO Tim Cook spoke of their strong growth, especially in the emerging markets, where Apple earned almost a third of its revenue. It also doubled its business in Vietnam. CyberMedia Research, a leading research firm in India, foresaw Apple having its “best show ever” this year in India. 

Prabhu Ram, the head of CMR, said that festive sales had a part in Apple’s rapid growth in India. And that the sales of older iPhones like iPhone 12 and 11 contributed to Apple’s exceptional run in India. Apple remains an aspirational brand amongst Indian consumers. 

The statistics showed that Apple had record shipments. And this was driven by the strong performance of the iPhone 12 and 11. However, it was not just the iPhones boosting sales; the iPads also contributed to the profit. Work from home and online schooling had many people reaching for a larger screen. Apple iPad Air 2020 and Apple iPad Pro 2021 were the most popular.

CMR estimates that iPhones will receive 3.5% of market shares. The shipment of iPhones may go as high as 5 million. While iPads can gain as much as 22% of the market share.

According to Tarun Pathak, the research director at Counterpoint Research, the full impact of the festive sales will only be seen in the next quarter, which is also looking very good for Apple. And this follows on the heels of the record quarter spree Apple has been having in India. The first quarter between January and March was exceptional. The next quarter ending in June kept up the same momentum. This momentum does not seem likely to be waning soon because there remains a strong attraction towards Apple amongst Indian consumers.

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