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Apple’s Holiday Ad ‘Saving Simon’ Strums Heartstrings – Shot on iPhone 13 Pro

The ad is dedicated to families who wait all year to meet during the holiday season.

Apple Holiday Ad ‘Saving Simon’ Strums Heartstrings

Jason Reitman partners with his dad- Ivan Reitman, to create the 2021 annual holiday ad for iPhone 13 Pro. With creations such as Young Adult, Up in the Air, and Juno under his hat, he is an expert on the tragic-comedy film genre. Ivan Reitman has also given hit movies like Space Jam and Ghostbusters to Hollywood. 

The three-minute short ad is shot on iPhone Pro features a young girl who created a snowman- Simon for herself. She does everything possible to save it from the world, first from her brother, who recklessly tries to destroy it. As snow fades and the weather clears, she keeps it in her freezer and tapes the freezer door from outside so that nobody in the family touches it until the snow comes back. It did survive until the next snow before being hit by a cyclist, as soon as he comes in the open. The ad concludes with the whole family, including her brother, recreating the snowman for her. 

The ad is dedicated to families who wait all year to meet during the holiday season. The developers haven’t tried too hard to make the ad sentimental like most family ads. For example, her mother ignores the tape that the young girl puts on the freezer to protect her snowman as she quickly opens the freezer at the 1.30-second mark. They have just casually added a few chuckle-worthy moments with montage-style edits.

The ad is slated to run in a 60-second version on broadcast TV, while the 3-minute version will be available on Youtube. There is a 6-second clipping too for other digital and social media. You can also find behind the scenes for this ad on Youtube.

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